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pycbf::cbf_handle_struct Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for pycbf::cbf_handle_struct:

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Detailed Description

Proxy of C cbf_handle_struct struct

Definition at line 598 of file pycbf.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def category_name
def column_name
def construct_detector
def construct_goniometer
def count_categories
def count_columns
def count_datablocks
def count_elements
def count_rows
def datablock_name
def delete_row
def find_category
def find_category_root
def find_column
def find_datablock
def find_nextrow
def find_row
def find_tag_category
def find_tag_root
def force_new_category
def force_new_datablock
def force_new_saveframe
def get_3d_image
def get_3d_image_size
def get_axis_setting
def get_bin_sizes
def get_crystal_id
def get_datestamp
def get_dictionary
def get_diffrn_id
def get_divergence
def get_doublevalue
def get_element_id
def get_gain
def get_image
def get_image_size
def get_integerarray_as_string
def get_integerarrayparameters
def get_integerarrayparameters_wdims
def get_integervalue
def get_integration_time
def get_orientation_matrix
def get_overload
def get_pixel_size
def get_polarization
def get_real_3d_image
def get_real_image
def get_realarray
def get_realarrayparameters
def get_realarrayparameters_wdims
def get_reciprocal_cell
def get_timestamp
def get_typeofvalue
def get_unit_cell
def get_value
def get_wavelength
def insert_row
def new_category
def new_column
def new_datablock
def new_row
def new_saveframe
def next_category
def next_column
def next_datablock
def next_row
def read_file
def read_template
def read_widefile
def remove_category
def remove_column
def remove_datablock
def remove_row
def remove_saveframe
def require_category
def require_category_root
def require_column
def require_column_doublevalue
def require_column_integervalue
def require_column_value
def require_datablock
def require_doublevalue
def require_integervalue
def require_tag_root
def require_value
def reset_category
def reset_datablock
def reset_datablocks
def reset_saveframe
def rewind_blockitem
def rewind_category
def rewind_column
def rewind_datablock
def rewind_row
def rewind_saveframe
def row_number
def select_category
def select_column
def select_datablock
def select_row
def set_3d_image
def set_axis_setting
def set_bin_sizes
def set_category_root
def set_crystal_id
def set_datablockname
def set_datestamp
def set_dictionary
def set_diffrn_id
def set_divergence
def set_doublevalue
def set_gain
def set_image
def set_integerarray
def set_integerarray_wdims
def set_integervalue
def set_integration_time
def set_orientation_matrix
def set_overload
def set_pixel_size
def set_polarization
def set_real_3d_image
def set_real_image
def set_realarray
def set_realarray_wdims
def set_reciprocal_cell
def set_tag_category
def set_tag_root
def set_timestamp
def set_typeofvalue
def set_unit_cell
def set_value
def set_wavelength
def write_file
def write_widefile

Public Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 __del__ = lambdaself:None;
tuple __getattr__ = lambdaself,name:_swig_getattr(self, cbf_handle_struct, name)
 __repr__ = _swig_repr
tuple __setattr__ = lambdaself,name,value:_swig_setattr(self, cbf_handle_struct, name, value)
 __swig_destroy__ = _pycbf.delete_cbf_handle_struct
dictionary __swig_getmethods__ = {}
dictionary __swig_setmethods__ = {}

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